Cost Effective Advertisement

07/06/23 published by Job Legal Board

And when we say unlimited, we mean unlimited!

Many online job boards offer set prices for one off job advertisement to help get you started. Whilst many sites use a more expensive feature system however, here at Job Legal Board, we are the only platform in the legal industry to offer ‘unlimited’ annual advertising packages to law firms only at a cost of £3,000.

And when we say unlimited, we mean unlimited.

When firms look at the cost of agency fees, our “unlimited job posting” makes perfect sense, especially if you have multiple vacancies at any one time and for a one-off fee, this will allow you to advertise your vacancies, across all UK offices (if applicable), unlimited job postings for a fixed period of 12 months.

Compare this to your recruitment agency fees/costs, investing in our package you will have unlimited access to a platform which is built for the legal industry, enabling you to advertise for every area and every function within your firm all in one place.